יום שישי, 28 פברואר , 2025
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Timna Challenge is a spectacular boutique event with some of the most beautiful trails in the world!
The magic begins on Thursday at sunset in Timna Park, a beautiful and unique desert area, surrounded by red mountains and spectacular vistas. A pop-up runners’ village is constructed in Timna Park to welcome runners for 20 hours of experiences which begin long before the starting line and end long after the finish.
The runners’ village is the heart of the pre-race activity, with the traditional pasta dinner (extra charge), lecture and briefing, a party and then lights out before the morning run.
In the morning, prepare for a special musical awakening for an exciting start. The various trails all run through the silent desert scenery, connecting you to nature and to your personal challenge.
As you reach the finish line you’ll be greeted by an amazing party that will expend all your excess adrenaline. It’s time to savor the breathtaking views, indulge in the music and enjoy the finale of this exciting event.

** The event can also be attended on the morning of the run only.

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