IRONMAN Wisconsin 2022

יום ראשון, 11 ספטמבר , 2022
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Reaching a milestone doesn’t happen every day. It takes strength, patience, and above all else, the drive to push through 140.6 miles to the finish line. In 2022, we’re honoring the 20th edition of IRONMAN Wisconsin on September 11, 2022, a rare and exciting milestone in the world of endurance events.

As many athletes know, the IRONMAN Wisconsin journey is a rite of passage in the triathlon community. The legendary run up the helix as athletes head towards T1, the spectator lined bike course, the run under the bright lights of the illustrious Camp Randall Stadium, all culminating in an unrivaled finish line at the footsteps of the state capitol. Year after year, IRONMAN Wisconsin brings out the best in those with the pursuit of excellence and delivers an experience that will fundamentally change you.

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